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Meet The Host

Gary “Doc” Sailes, Ph.D.


Doc teaches in the Sport Management Program at Indiana University  (Athletic Administration & Sport Management: MS in Kinesiology: Master's Degrees: Academics: School of Public Health: Indiana University Bloomington)  and also serves as a sports industry consultant.  His numerous publications (Sailes, Gary (indiana.edu) and work in the area of career readiness has led to several teaching and service awards as well as many consulting opportunities. His clients include prominent athletes, teams and sports organizations (NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NCAA, NFHS, IHSAA, PGA, LPGA, ATP, WTA, USTA, USPTA among others).  Doc is always seeking volunteer, internship and employment opportunities for his students.  The outgrowth of that philosophy led to the development of the first conference in 1991 which currently funds his endowment (Gary Sailes Graduate Diversity Scholarship – NASSS) and other student scholarships.  The current social climate in our country required Doc to make this year’s event a virtual one.  You are invited to follow him on LinkedIn. (www.linkedin.com/in/gary-doc-sailes-b23a15182).